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3IT3 Support

An I.T. Solutions provider, widely serving all requirements in the areas of Information Technology.

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About Us

We 3IT3 Support are there for your maintenance on hardware, software and your multiple vendor relationships with a single point of contact, you enhance equipment return on investment, reduce IT support costs and enable predictable budgeting.
See how you could save up to 57% and increase your capital expenditure ROI.
Managed technical support and lifecycle maintenance to help enhance equipment return on investment and reduce IT support costs. 

Customized solution and instant access to multiple IT specialists for your IT enterprise management needs.
Technical support on the ground for your new technology. Leverage service delivery and product expertise to provide technical support to your customers. Vendor agnostic, single-source technical support solutions for your entire store that saves your time and money.

Integrated IT support solutions for more efficient support management and improvement in systems up time .
Customized lifecycle maintenance solution support for end user devices outside of the data center.

Our Services & Supplies

We accept different services below


Structured Network Cabling

We do a properly designed and installed structured cabling system provides a cabling infrastructure that delivers predictable performance as well as has the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes; maximizes system availability, provides redundancy; and future proofs the usability of the cabling system.


CCTV, Ip CCTV Security System Integration

We provide the first line of defense in the battle against break-ins, theft, property crime, vandalism, or any other unwanted behavior on your premises. Whether you need video protection for your business, home, or both, we offer a selection of turn-key surveillance systems that include everything needed to monitor your property.


Door Lock & Alarm System Installation

We install door lock & alarm system in every small and large offices, factory warehouses, storage areas, and even home. To help enhance and elevate securities.


Annual Maintenance Contract for Office Desktop Laptop & Network Support

We provide soultions to small business & offices which doesn't have own I.T. Manpower to sustain companies need of technical support on various issues, thru yearly basis.


Telecom System Installation

We install office Telephone system for office communication, with PABX solutions, and voice log systems which provide company security against employees and client calls abuse.


Web Deisgn & Development Services, ERP & VAT System

We provide solutions to your companies necessity in the field online environment, such as Corporate websites, E-commerce, and normal web advertising, ERP System, Timekeeping System, VAT & Inventory System, & mobile device accessibility.


Office Cabling Fixtures & Network Points Rehabilitation

We are looking forward to provide cabling fixtures, cable dressing and organization on the existing cabling situation which need proper & safe presentation.


Supply & Delivery Compatible Office Tonner Cartridges

We provide quality & high yield compatible office printer tonner cartridges at very low prices with high density & durability.

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3it3 Support Technical Services Office 210 Sheikh Rashid Building
Bur Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates


Phone: +97143557765 
Mobile: +971581607765 


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